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  • Aoinoue


    Aoinoue (A Noh play). Aoinoue, from "The Tale of Genji" a Hikaru Genji's legal wife was ill in bed, her doctors or monks could not find what was wrong. A Miko (a maid in the service of a shrine) was consulted and found that was an act by Hikaru Genji's former love Rokujo-no Miyasudokoro as she came with worn vehicle to Aoinoue's bedside and harassed her trying to take her to the other world, but the ghost was finally defeated by an ascetic's pray.

  • Dojojo


    Dojoji (Dojo Temple). A design from a Noh Play, Dojoji has another interesting story of demons at Dojoji. One day a new bell was going to be hung in the temple and only men were allowed. A woman asked to get into the temple to see the bell under the condition that she would dance for them. The woman finally was allowed to dance, and when she danced wildly towards the bell, the bell dropped to the floor and the woman disappeared. The monk of the temple knew that must have been a ghost's doing and talked about the story of a girl called Kiyohime who loved a monk, Anchin. But Anchin was afraid of her and tried to hide in the bell of Dojoji. The woman turned into a serpent and wrapped herself around the bell and melted it in her rage.

  • Sakura Waji Meet Rose


    Big Sakura Collection.

  • Irokeshi-dame


    Basic Paintings Irokeshi-dame.

  • 100 Kids


    by Kosetsu.

  • White Snake


    SGK Collection - shorter Genkai.

    Shite Snake on the Stream.

    by Masanori.

  • Ryu-ko


    Dragon vs Tiger.

    Chinkin Art by Katsuhiro.

  • Two Monkeys


    Chinkin Art by Katsuhiro.

  • Biwa Player


    Player on Camel.

  • Double Dragons


    by Kogaku.

  • Torazu


    Painting a Tiger by Imagination.

    by Eto Jakuchu.