The goals of our operation are

  1. We have more customers to understand that we are working very hard for Maki-e art promotion.

  2. We have more important orders for our Maki-e shi to work hard throughout the years and feel satisfactory with us. And we feel we have obligation to introduce our Maki-e artists individually in a special section in our website. Around 15 of our prominent Maki-e artists in Japan is probably the largest group of artists for Maki-e on Fountain Pens.

  3. All our exclusive ebonite fountain pens for Maki-e are well received by our customers, such as YOKOZUNA Pens, Genkai (Limited) Pens, Mikado Pens, and many others.

  4. We use only very expensive genuine Urushi and authentic method for Maki-e. And do not want to compete in the markets by prices.

We have to adjust most of our prices from July 31, 2018 because of our cost for genuine Urushi, gold and other materials gone up by a few hundred percent or more 15 years ago, but we would rather adjust the prices a bit in order to keep our quality even better.

There will be more new designs constantly available and therefore please check if we have something good ones for you. It is also a part of our service to provide any information about the theme, story or even the technical information for our customer’s better understandings.

We like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business and wish you more appreciate our designs and quality from now on.


Bernard Lyn
Dani Int’l Corp.
July 31, 2018

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