In order that we can make things easier for our customers to understand and know how to decide the colors they want, we have added a new Section of “Colors of Urushi” for your kind reference. When our customers ask for Bengala-nuri, I found them spell “Bengara” in Japan today by some mistakes. Then why Bengara? The word Bengal was Bengala from India where the granite was used for the pigment for red Urushi in Japan in the past. And they changed to use some pigment instead, and “Bengara” has become an empty name today.

The major colors of Genuine Urushi are Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, etc. We have started with Black and Reds with color samples. Maki-e is an art of “wait” and “Tegokoro” (Discretion). Even the simplest solid color paintings on a pen, it will take 2 months when they are not busy mainly because they have to wait for average 7 hours to dry the Urushi at every stroke no matter the sizes of the stroke.

When you want to order solid color painted pens, please kindly refer to our “Colors of Urushi” and give us the name of the colors you want or to be the availability. For instance, when our dealers want to Roiro-migaki on Genkai or Mikado in SHU (Red), we usually paint with Aka-kuchi (between Red and Orange Color), but the True Red called Hon Shu (Red) is regarded “Red Red” color. From now on we can communicate with each other on these names for convenience. We have red colors group, Green colors group and now we are waiting for Blue color and Purple color groups coming soon, though there will be only 3-4 colors in a group.

We regret we have to adjust some of our prices from today, July 17, 2016 owing to the circumstance of worldwide inflation. And here I should speak out a bit for our Maki-e artists. They simply work very hard every day, no less than 10 hours every day. And yet, as Kogaku san said that his income is no more than his younger brother who works at a tax office. The “biggest work” is waiting and put their hearts and soul into the tip of brushes all day. There are so many intentional and complicated works to do before they can finish even just a simple painting. It is just normal to wait for 2-3 months for just a simple painting and 6-10 months or more for complicated Maki-e works even on a small pen! We thank you in advance for your kind understandings.

Bernard Lyn
Dani Int’l Corp.
July 17, 2016

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