When we only have medium size of pens for Maki-e works, we felt we need bigger pens for better Maki-e works, and we therefore, made Mikado for that purpose in several years ago. This pen uses Eye Dropper system. It is 6 3/8” long when the cap closed and diameter of the barrel is 13/16” heavy. The Maki-e on this pen has been very good because of its big space. The nib is size #8 in 18k gold available with F, M, B and Stub.

Cap Length
Cap Dia
Barrel Lgth
Barrel Dia
Cap Closed
Cap Posted
Net Weight
Filled with ink
73 mm
2 7/8"
20 mm
2 9/16"
140 mm
5 1/2"
19 mm
163 mm
6 3/8"
1.5 oz
42.5 g

1.75 oz
50 g

Active filters

  • Suzaku


    by Kogaku.

  • Shishi-no Ko-Otoshi


    Baby lion was dropped and let him try to come up by himself to train them.

    designed by Masanori.

  • Nihon Bashi and Shinagawa


    Since the Nihon Bridge (on cap) is located in the center of Edo (Tokyo), it is the first station of this highway towards Kyoto and it was the original famous fish market center in Japan, and even now you can see some old shops still there. Shinagawa (on barrel) was regarded as a stop and tourists stayed overnight there. This town has become a part of Tokyo today, the Shinagawa district.

  • Sanka Hakuu


    Sanka Hakuu (Showers beneath the peak of Mt. Fuji) It is one of the most famous paintings of 36Kei (on cap) by Hokusai. On the barrel is "Aoyama Enza-no Matsu" (Pine tree with a dome shape) also by Hokusai. In today's Shibuya district of Tokyo, a temple called "Ryugan Temple" has a famous pine tree in its yard called Enza-no Matsu because the shape in the dome and its branches spread to 100 feet wide.