As soon as we made Mikado, we made another big pen with straight down shape and tried to make with size biggest possible for a hand to hold, and we call it Genkai, the limited. This pen is also uses Eye dropper system. The nib is size #8 with Mikado.

Cap Length
Cap Dia
Barrel Lgth
Barrel Dia
Cap Closed
Cap Posted
Net Weight
Filled with ink
(B-21) Limit
75 mm
2 31/32"
20 mm
152 mm
5 31/32"
18 mm
173 mm
6 13/16"
1.25 oz
42.5 g

1.875 oz
53 g
65 mm
2 7/12"
20 mm
115 mm
18 mm
155 mm
5 1/4"
1.25 oz
42.5 g

1.875 oz
53 g

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  • The Great Wall


    Banri-no Chojo (The Great Wall)
    The Great Wall is well known one of the wonders in the world (New 7 Wonder Foundation) the original part were built by the first Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huan more than 2000 years ago. Then added by Ming and other regimes, the Wall has 13,171 miles long , longer than the name Wanri Changchen, Ten Thousand Miles Wall in Chinese. The author, Mr. Masanori Omote worked for more than 5 months on this one, really a very good piece.

  • An Oath at Tao-yen


    by Masanopri.

  • 100 Kids


    by Kosetsu.

  • Kodai-Monyo


    New Ancient Patterns.

    by Rakkan from Wajima.

  • Sakura Meets Rose


    by Kosetsu.

  • Sakura and Beauty


    Sakura- Bijin (Sakura and the Beauties)

    I like to take this opportunity to talk about Kogaku, one of our Maki-e master who is working for us for almost 20 years. This Sakukra Beauties were painted between his GK-1001 Shuten-doji and the following Kawanakajima-no Kassen. All these designs took him almost whole year to complete. The details are assiduously layer on layer, point on point. The beauty’s face with Kimono is absolutely gorgeous. The fingers are raised clearly and beautifully with gold lines. And he took so much time to Shell Raden on Sakura one by one even with the fallen petals are meticulously pasted.

  • Tsuru-to Kame


    Crane 1,000 years, Turtle 10,000 years.

    To celebrate the couple of newly wedding.

    by Yuji.

  • Shoki and Devils


    by Masanori.

  • The Admired Phoenix


    Admired Phoenix
    There was a Phoenix helped millions of birds when they were in disaster of famine and plagues and finally the birds were saved and feel so grateful and admire the Phoenix as their angel.

  • 100JU


    Words of 100 Longjevity.

    by Yuhaku.