Cap Length
Cap Dia
Barrel Lgth
Barrel Dia
Cap Closed
Cap Posted
Net Weight
Filled with ink
75 mm
2 31/32"
20 mm
2 9/16"
152 mm
5 31/32"
18 mm
157 mm
6 13/16"
2.5 oz
71 g
2.875 oz
81.5 g

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  • Jurojin


    Jurojin by Kosetsu (Tatsuya Todo)

    The original painting was made by Soga Shohaku (1730-1781), a picture of happiness. Jurojin himself is the god of longevity, trying to lift the turtle from the water. A white deer sit beside him and a crane was flying in the sky. Then, a pine tree at bank, bamboo and apricot are also shown there. The theme is just a matter of happiness with Shochikubai (pine-bamboo-apricot) symbols of best 1-2-3, and the crane for 1,000 years, turtle for 10,000 years with white deer, all loved to display on New Year by Japanese, the most important holidays of the year. I asked Kosetsu san to draw this masterpiece on our Yokozuna pen, and I’m very glad I gave him the right theme.

  • Kiritake-ni Hooh


    Kiritake-ni Hooh by Masanori
    Kiritake (paulownia and bamboo) Acording to the mythology Phoenix lives on tree of Paulownia and eat bamboo, and this gave our artist, Masanori san the idea of Maki-e the Phoenix in the bush of paulownia and bamboo. Technically the author use Taka Maki-e on the Phoenix and the trees, and also use many different sizes of gold and silver mixed powders sprinkled as well as gradation. As there are so many details have to be burnished and polished separately to complete the work.

  • Ryu-ko


    Dragon vs Tiger.

    Chinkin Art by Katsuhiro.

  • Two Monkeys


    Chinkin Art by Katsuhiro.

  • Mochi-tsuki


    Mochi-tsuki (Rice cake making) by Masanori (Masanori Omote)

    Mochi-tsuki is a Japanese old tradition, making Mochi mainly to celebrate the New Year, the biggest holiday of the year in Japan. The original painting was done by Utagawa Toyokuni the 3rd (1823-1882). Today they use Mochi to make hundred kinds of cakes selling at supermarkets or served at restaurants.

  • Torazu


    Painting a Tiger by Imagination.

    by Eto Jakuchu.

  • Sakura Meet Rose


    Big Sakura Collection.